12 Skincare Secrets of Runway Models from 2017 New York Fashion Week

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Now that September's New York Fashion Week has ended, we look ahead to February's 2018 New York Fashion Week with excitement!

Before you go dreaming about the next season of fashion, I spoke with some runway models at the show and asked them about their skincare secrets in looking Runway Ready. Some suggestions may surprise you and before you go on saying,

" Of course they have beautiful skin, they are young!"

 Let's just say age is not a defining principle of great looking skin, and if you follow these simple tips, you too can look as if you're ready for the runway. 


We asked the models the following question, and all responded with a similar theme.    

"What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?" 

Their responses; light exercise to break a sweat, in order to release toxins from the body stored up from the previous day, which helps bring blood to the surface. Some did yoga, others jogged, and some hit the gym, but most exercised for about 30 to 45 min. per day.

This was followed by a healthy light breakfast, consisting of either Greek yogurt, fruit and/or egg whites. If they were not a breakfast person, they drank a protein shake.

Tip Number 1- Eat Clean

Eat a clean diet consisting of whole foods, vegetables and limit your intake of processed foods and red meat.  

"Often women go to bed still with makeup on their face, a mistake most women have done, but leaving makeup on, cuts off the oxygen to the skin."  

Tip Number 2- Remove Makeup

Remove your makeup. We do not recommend moist towelettes or pads to remove makeup, because they just do not clean deep into the skin's pores. We recommend a non greasy lotion formula, that breaks down the makeup on the face, while leaving the area of the eye non irritated. When we work with models, we use a cucumber extract in our products, which is fragrance free, so you can reapply makeup immediately to the skin.

Tip Number 3- Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Use of a facial wash is just not enough. We recommend to exfoliate the skin, in order to remove dead skin and excess makeup. This can be followed up with a facial mask. Don't know which mask in right for you? We have put together some of our most popular masks in a  variety pack, that is all natural and hydrates the skin.

Drink a lot of water during the day. I know, easier said than done! I am for one, guilty of not hydrating enough, so I carry around a bottle of freshly squeezed lemon in my water, making the water more desirable to drink.

Tip Number 4- Steam

After a week of wearing makeup, Sundays are a day to be makeup free. Let your face get a deep clean, getting rid of all the makeup buildup in your pores. One technique we recommend, is an at-home facial steamer, that will hydrate the skin and clean the pores as well.

Tip Number 5- Hands off the Face

One OCD habit that all women should instill during the course of their day, is not to touch or pick at your face, and always wear eye cream. I know, strange to say, but here is the reason behind this little habit. During the course of the day, your hands come in contact with all kinds of bacteria. Also keep in mind, every time you pick at your face, you create trauma and scarring to the skin, so pluck or wax wisely. Women with deeper pigmented skin, may be more prone to visual signs of picking at your skin.

Tip Number 6-Hyper Pigmentation

As a Brazilian, I know this skin issue all too well. Women with darker pigmented skin sometimes have an area above the lip that becomes darker, due to excess sun exposure, waxing and plucking, traumatizing the skin. Before you freak out, here is a quick solution. LEMON juice is one of those natural remedies that do the trick. Just squeeze a lemon slice onto a Q-tip or cotton ball, apply to the darkened area, and let the citric acid go to work. Be sure to rinse off with water after 10 minutes.

Tip Number 7- Dark Circles

Since we are on the topic of all natural solutions, here is one remedy for dark circles. One of the models told us instead of purchasing expensive eye creams for dark circles, she uses potato slices. "I never thought it would work, but my grandma told me to slice a potato thin, large enough to cover the entire eye, and let is sit there for 15-20 minutes." "Within 5 minutes, you will see dramatic reduction in dark circles!" 

Tip Number 8- Facial Exercise

We work out at the gym exercising our entire body, but forget about our face. Here is one technique a New York model does every morning. She takes her middle finger up near her temple and her thumb near the top of her cheek bone and pulls her whole face up, then holds it for 10 minutes. Try it for six months and tell us how it works.

Tip Number 9-Facial Massages

This is a great tip to increase blood flow to the face and relieve stress. Every night after doing your nightly routine, take 5 minutes to massage your face. Using your two fingers in a circular motion, start on your forehead, go to your temple and then to the rest of your face.

Tip Number 10- Keep It Simple

The new Black in Skincare is, less is more! All the models we spoke with had this mantra in common, "keep it simple and do not over product yourself. When we began creating products at Runway, we aimed to let natural ingredients do their work. Too many products applied to the face at once may cause irritation. In a world where we want to buy more of everything, Runway advises you to take your time and have fun exploring!

Tip Number 11- Ice it Baby

Reducing facial swelling, thinning of your skin and making your product penetrate deep into the skin, is the key to this cold treatment.  However, before you run to the kitchen and stick your face in the freezer, here is a quick tip. After your facial wash and one minute prior to applying your products, take an ice cube, place it on a paper napkin and go over the surface of your skin, then apply your facial products.

Tip Number 12- Runway's Holy Grail of Beauty

Stay out of the sun and use SPF in your products.  By the way, I am not implying you lock yourself in your home and only come out at night, nor go back to the 1900's where women only showed their ankles on the beach. The sun provides us vitamin D, which is vital to healthy living, but every day your face is susceptible to being attacked by solar radiation. Our newest product is Runway's Sunless Tanner a gradual tanner and moisturizer that still gives you a sun kissed glow, while keeping your skin looking young. Apply SPF everyday before leaving the house.

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